Facial Skin Care – Daily Tips to Keep Your Skin in Top Shape

The skin on the face is the most exposed to the elements. It is also the skin that people notice first when they look at us. This is why millions of dollars are spend every year on facial skin care. Society is obsessed with looking better and looking younger. Finding the right products for your skin and eating right are both ways to keep the skin on your face looking its best. There are some daily tips and tricks however, that if practiced consistently will go even further in keeping you facial skin healthy and young looking.

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One of the most basic elements of facial skin care is cleansing. Washing your face every morning and every night is a must. Find a cleanser that is perfect for your skin type. It is more beneficial to the skin to rinse by splashing water on your face rather than using a washcloth to rinse.

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To tighten pores and give a nice glow, rinse with cool water rather than warm. Wash with your hands using circular motions to increase circulation. If you need to exfoliate, use a washcloth rather than your hands, but avoid doing this too often as it can be too harsh on a daily basis.

Follow up cleansing with an astringent and moisturizer. There are a lot of astringents available, but all you really need is witch hazel, which can be purchased at most drug stores for less money than commercial astringents, and it is the active ingredient in most brands anyway.

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Moisturizers are a little more difficult to choose between. Basically, find one that that is formulated for your skin type and fits your budget. For optimal facial skin care, a daytime moisturizer should include an SPF of at least 15. Find a night cream that is rich and luxurious to fight wrinkles while you sleep. Apply moisturizer from the neck up, using upward and inward strokes. This reduces stretching and wrinkles.

Make-up application may seem pretty standard, but the way you apply your make-up can affect how your skin looks. For example, the skin underneath the eyes is extremely delicate. It is also very thin, making it prone to deep lines and wrinkles. Try to avoid stretching and pulling in this area as much as possible. One facial skin care tip to avoid damaging skin in this area is to apply under eye make-up with your ring finger, using inward strokes toward the nose. This finger is the weakest, making it less likely that you will be to rough in your application.



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    I can also recommend Thea Skincare which is a 100% natural skincare brand with a great anti-aging range. The products use super antioxidants like Rooibos tea to deeply cleanse the skin and restore elasticity.

  2. jamee
    Posted March 5, 2012 at 6:23 pm |

    hi, i am 25 year old but i look lke a 45 years old man .i am worry about my face wrinkels some body help me

  3. Posted August 25, 2012 at 4:53 pm |

    It is so important to incorporate a skin care regimen into your daily routine. And make sure your getting the most out of your skin care products by following the correct product order. Whatever goes on first penetrates best. So whether you’re fighting wrinkles, zits, or sunspots, the most attractive ingredients should be first in line. If you’re using two products for two different problems, apply one to bear skin in the morning and the other to bear skin at night so you are guaranteed hundred percent efficacy for both. After treatments are in place, smooth on over items in order of density, from thinness (antioxidant serum) to thickest (sunscreen or night cream). The exception, are products which can irritate those with sensitive skin if applied first.